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Aaron Pass
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High-Tech Hunts is a one-of-a-kind, high-end hunting concept developed by Aaron Mayer.

Aaron is the Co-Owner of Great Lakes Glad, a company started in 1973 by his father and best known today as the largest producer of fresh cut gladiolus in the United States.

As a farmer and avid hunter since early age, Aaron realized that one of the things that enabled him to have a successful hunt was his knowledge of the grounds, herd movements, and other aspects of the hunting experience that one could only get if you were in constant contact with the area.

This is where his idea of merging the art of hunting with technology came about.

Bring the Hunt Home

By installing a sophisticated system of video cameras on the hunting grounds, hunters can "interact" with the area even when not physically there. They can observe herd movement patters, track and watch individual deer that they may be interested in, look at weather updates, and even watch directly what’s going on the preserve just by simply logging in the High-Tech Hunts website.

Once the hunter is ready to be physically at the preserve, this research and knowledge will allow him to have a more successful hunting experience.

Share the Experience

Aaron took the idea farther by incorporating a social networking aspect to the hunt as well. The website allows hunters to give family and friends guest privileges and access to real-time video of the member in the process of hunting. They can replay videos, "share" them with others, make comments and much more. This means your family can be a part of the hunt with you even if they are at home.

Values and Tradition

By sharing this experience with family, HTH wants to do its part in helping to transmit the hunting tradition and values to the new generation. By combining this ancient art with technology, HTH allows families to pass down the tradition of hunting to their children and the values associated with killing to eat.

Premier Michigan Hunting

But technology is not all that HTH is about. As an experienced hunter himself, Aaron wanted to offer a guideless hunt on a private, prime hunting ground for a limited and exclusively booked number of people. Our technology allows hunters to gather as much info as they'd like on the preserve and therefore, can act as their own guides.

The HUNDREDS of acres that are located in Bronson, Michigan are truly a sportsman's paradise. The corn and soybean planting along with streams, hills and open meadows provide an ideal natural habitat for game.

High-Tech Hunts offers the ultimate hunting experience packaged for individuals, families and/or groups with an excellent customer service experience.