Live Streams

The Reserve

High-Tech Hunts operates the world’s most sophisticated hunting reserve on the planet.

The North Bronson Reserve in Bronson, Michigan is beautiful. Filled with woodlots, streams, and the most nutritious soybean & corn crops available.

An array of Cisco devices covers the reserve in a wireless network. The network is connected by fiber optic cables back to the High-Tech Hunts datacenter.

High definition video cameras are located in strategic locations to capture the live action. The animals in the video clips are recorded and can be played back at any time by referencing the date and time of the action or by the name of the animals in frame.

High Tech Hunts uses a powerful approach to help deliver your live and on demand video content to the widest audience possible. Using HTML5 and Flash technology, you can reach your viewers from desktops or mobiles, like Android devices or iPads, without having to worry about compatibility.

High Tech Hunts delivers crisp, clear image quality, for reliable identification of Wildlife. It is easy to access the system over the Internet to view live or recorded video from the hunting grounds. With its PC client, as well as viewing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, High Tech Hunts lets you view and control live video at any time - from anywhere.

AXIS Camera Companion Buckface


High-Tech Hunts lets you share the experience though BuckFace, the proprietary social media platform for hunters, enthusiasts, friends and family.

Login to BuckFace to review the live action. An Event feed lets you review each day's events, share your thoughts, and watch your animals interact and grow.

BuckFace events include:

  • High-definition video that lets you watch the animals in their natural settings.
  • A weather station reports periodic updates including temperature, barometric pressure, precipitation, and moon phase give you a unique insight to the state-of-mind of the herd.
  • Users can follow their favorite animals and share their thought about the events.
  • Share the experience by inviting your friends and family.